Window Cleaning

Windows are the essential features of every human dwelling to allow natural light and warmth to step in to the indoors. However, self cleaning the windows can be both arduous and time taking. In case of the windows at height, one also requires special tools and means to reach or clean them thoroughly. Considering these practical difficulties and saving oneself from possible injuries or accidental risks involved in cleaning the windows at height, it is advisable to entrust the job to professional agency. Super Cheap Cleaning Services has the experience and expertise to sparkle clean the windows of both private homes as well as commercial buildings in Australia.

Our residential window cleaning service module includes cleaning of window panes and doors; inside or outside or both as per the requirement of the client. We have the expertise to clean the windows by using specific techniques as per individual needs.

Internal Window Cleaning: We use conventional cleaning tools and methods to clean the glass panes from the inside manually. Use of ladders is done wherever necessary and our personnel are trained to work efficiently over the ladder..

External Window Cleaning: Use of purified water is generally adopted practice for cleaning the external windows. The purified water which is free from contamination or mineral impurities through extension pole serves well to remove the accumulated dust on the external windows and make it stain free. The process is also recommended for internal windows which are hard to reach otherwise.

Why choose Super Cheap Cleaning Services?

  • If you care to enquire on your own from your friends or neighbours, it is likely that you would get our name recommended to you as we are having longstanding reputation in extending various cleaning services.
  • Our top quality services are focused to earn utmost satisfaction from all our clients – big or small – since we value relationships over everything.
  • We provide reliable services and our personnel can be scheduled to perform the job at your convenient time or day including weekends or public holidays, without extra charge.
  • We extensively train our cleaners to work efficiently and thoroughly so that they can deliver the desired output.
  • All our people are duly trained and insured. Besides their background is duly vetted since you allow them to get inside your homes in course of their work.
  • You can avail our special discounts by availing host of other cleaning services and combining them.

Commercial Window Cleaning and High Rise Properties:

In business properties, shining windows or store fronts are essential to attract customers and growth. We provide regular and efficient window cleaning services at super competitive prices coupled with top notch quality. Our courteous and professionally trained cleaners will ensure that your glass windows sparkle and shine.

We have team of skilled professional cleaners who are trained to use effective safety features to undertake window cleaning of high rise properties to avoid accidental risks. Besides they are comprehensively insured as additional safety measure.

If you plan to hire some agency for window cleaning, why not try us first and we assure to satisfy you.