After Builder’s Cleaning

 We all come across occasions when after construction or renovation work is over at home; the problem of cleaning the mess thrown around by the contractor looms over you and stare you with challenge. Whenever you need professional help to clean such untidiness, we at super cheap cleaning are always at your disposal and we will be delighted to extend our best and very affordable customized services of this nature.

 Consider the time when you engaged a contractor for some odd work like fixing new tiles in your bathroom or painting the rooms. The masons complete their job of fixing new tiles or painting but are you ready to resume the normal environment of your place? The used cartons of packing materials leftover, the dirt, garbage and grime or splashes of paints left behind need some careful cleaning to bring back the normal homely look. At Super Chap Cleaning we have seen this all in our long experience and have a long list of satisfied clients.

Is it expensive?

Well not at all. We have customized our services on the hourly basis and thus depending upon your requirements and priorities, you can avail our services to suit your pocket. Our professional and trained cleaners will ensure that you get the best possible cleaning of your homes.

Scope of Our After- Builder cleaning Services

The scope and the extent of services necessary obviously depend upon individual case; but for typical cleaning tasks we perform in routine course after the renovation or home refurbishment jobs include:

  • Thorough cleaning of doors and door frames
  • Window Frame and sill cleaning
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Electric Switch board and socket cleaning

In case the work area is kitchen or bathrooms, our people will delime the tiles, descale the sinks, polish the mirrors, scrub clean the floor area and remove the coarse dust or debris to make your kitchen or bathroom area look tidy and usable.

Why should you choose us?

  • We have the long experience and reputation to provide full satisfaction to our customers. You can rely on our capabilities and professionalism.
  • Our team of cleaners are specially trained to handle these kind of work and are equipped with necessary tools and modern equipments
  • We make specific checklists to ensure that nothing committed by us is left unattended by our team.
  • Our services are customizable and very reasonable priced; thus can suit every pocket.
  • We also provide range of specialized cleaning services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning, duct cleaning etc which can complement very well to your present or future cleaning needs and you get fabulous discount offers as well.

After Builder’s cleaning job requires attention to details and dexterity to put things back in proper shape at the earliest to avoid the inconvenience associated after the renovation or refurbishment job.

We also specialize to provide extensive services when the construction work of your new home or apartment has been done and you plan to move in.

The next time you require professional assistance for After Builder’s cleaning work, contact us and we shall be too pleased to serve you.